Near-Term Objectives

Winter - Summer 2019

  • Register TWILA with the Grants Gateway.

  • Register TWILA with the CFA.

  • Implement chemical treatment of invasive species, as recommended by Princeton Hydro (PH), and secure funding from the DEC for same.

  • Following treatment of the lake, re-stock the lake with native species to restore the fish population.

  • Secure funding for harvesting of invasive species, as recommended by PH.

  • Work with the Town to design and implement water control measures at the TIL-SL culvert, as recommended by PH.

  • Implement a public education program about the importance of cleaning boats, which will include the posting of signage provided the DEC at the two points of access by non-resident boaters.

  • Apply for a DEC grant for a boat cleaning station.

  • Identify and secure funding for a stormwater run-off assessment to be performed by PH, with particular attention to the western and southern edges of the lake which are bounded by Lake Road and Beach Road.

  • Continue to work with Members to implement self-help measures for controlling invasive species along their respective shorelines.


Develop a plan to address impacts along Lake and Beach Road, which may (depending upon the outcome of the PH assessment) include measures to retard the flow of sediment into the lake from the road and culverts, requesting that an alternative method be use for plowing, and spreading salt on, Lake and Beach Roads, working with landowners to develop a wetland buffer, and obtaining a permit for targeted dredging along Lake Road.

  • Annual chemical treatment of the lake, as recommended by PH.

  • Annual weed harvesting

  • Restock lake with native fish, as needed/recommended by PH.

  • Submit TIL for lake management studies by area universities and colleges

  • Identify funding for a hydro-rake for use by TIL and SL

  • Build public boat launching site – with boat cleaning station.

  • Public event, such as kayak raft up to build awareness of the importance of cleaning off boats.

  • Acquire a fleet of kayaks for rental/employ a person to run the rental station.

2024 – 2040

  • Annual chemical treatment of the lake, as recommended by PH.

  • Annual weed harvesting/hydro-raking 

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