David DeLucia, Secretary  

David started his professional career by creating a labor organization, United Construction Trade.  Formed in 1998, UCT’s primary focus is to organize non-union shops, and negotiating for health benefits and retirement benefits.  In his career, David has prevailed in several important cases before the National Labor Relations Board, creating new case law while organizing a non-union electrical contractor.  Presently, UTC over 3,000 members.   

In 1998, David was appointed the Administrator of the United Benefit Fund.  At the time, the Fund was financially unstable.  Under David’s leadership, the Fund today has a surplus of $26,000,000 in assets under management.  

In 2012, David created a program for employers to comply with the Wage Parity Law for home health attendants in New York City.  The program competed for market share with Blue Cross and AIG.  Today, the program is the market leader with over $30,000,000 in written premiums.  

In 2015, David took a position with a third-party administrator.   The firm processes health care claims on behalf of its clients, which are employers who have chosen to self-insure healthcare costs.  The TPA was a start-up at the time of David’s employment.  At the time David left the firm in 201_, services were provided to over 20,000 heads of household. 

David and his family have decided to make Pine Plains their home.  The strong sense of community coupled with a dedication to the preservation of the natural environment were the cornerstones of their decision to put root down in the Town of Pine Plains.